Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You can do anything on a GOOD hair day

Ever wake up in the morning and notice that your roots are starting to show? Wondering if other people can see your gray's?

The ends are starting to split and you just can't seem to do anything with your hair no matter how many products you put in it. This is the curse that faces all women at some point or another during the month. These are the days you do not want to leave the house. These are the days you always seem to run in to  every single person you know.  The problem with these days are they are counter productive.

 As a prestigious hair colorist on Long Island, I have come to realize that "you can do anything on a GOOD hair day." So why not go and get that hair colored and blown out? I have witnessed ladies walk a little taller when they step out of my chair. They are ready for their day. EMPOWERED. A little extra bounce in your step...and in your hair. When your hair looks its best, it almost doesn't matter what you are wearing. You can be wearing sunglasses and sweatpants and still feel like the sexiest woman in the room.

So go get your hair done, you will feel so much better inside and out.

Extra Bonus: The day after you go to the salon- make it last. Try a little Powder Buff by Kerastase and your good hair day will turn in to a good hair week!!

-Carly Giannini

Friday, August 9, 2013

Beachy Hair Waves Minus The Beach: Goodbye Summer...

Summer is slowly slipping away and the Fall is creeping up on us! We all change our daily routines and get back in to work/school mode. The first thing we change is our appearance....but why? The energy and vibrancy of hot summer days needs to resonate in to the cool Autumn afternoons.

How many times this summer did you stare at that group of girls on the beach with bouncy waves and wish you could have hair like that? Or gaze at your own hair mesmerized by the way you look in a rearview mirror?!  (Admit it!) This fun, wild and free style is just so enchanting that after summer has passed we try to replicate that same look (with no success!).

Keep the beach waves without having to go to the beach.

How To: 

After washing your hair, towel dry and lightly mist your hair with a sea salt spray. (We love KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray.) Now rough dry your hair (get in there!)

This will give you a similar if not the same texture and fullness that a dip in the ocean gives you all summer.

Mojitos, margaritas, martinis and cosmos. A night out is not complete without them and it should never be without a hot hair style.We all want to turn heads but if the hair doesn't set off alarms than the outfit might as well be a paper bag!

Go low maintenance and keep the salty beach waves from this morning and bring it to one side or smooth out the bangs with a blow dryer. For my bun babes stay away from the sleek and shiny, embrace the wild. Spray your hair with a thermal styling spray and loosely curl your hair. Than brush out the curls and use a hair tie to bring hair in to a secure but loose ponytail. Finish by softly wrapping your hair around the base and pinning the ends underneath out of sight. You are now left with a coif that's fit for Vogue!

Whether it's 95 degrees in June or 75 degrees in September, don't lose the summer flare! This Fall is all about texture and we can all achieve this look with little to no effort. Shock them at work and break necks in the street with your hot summer style. Talk to your stylists about how to achieve these looks and get some recommendations on what products suit you best.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Your Wedding Hair Timeline

Brides that stay organized seem to be the most calm when it comes to wedding planning. The planning stages are a whirlwind of emotion, excitement, appointments and as of lately....lots and lots of time on Pinterest!!!

Hair and makeup are a very important part of the planning stages, especially if you intend on having a large bridal party.  Here to help you out, I've put together some important information that you should have prepared when you come for your trial. This will make it easier for you and also for your stylist!

1.The first and most obvious thing is to make sure that your date is available!  The average bride will book her bridal party and make sure her date is held 6 months in advance.

2. Provide your hair stylist with the location and address of where you will be receiving your hair services.

3. Have a count of how many people in your bridal party that are receiving hair services and how many of those girls are having their hair put all up. This helps the time scheduling because those having their hair all up will take more time than the other hair styles.

4. Do your research. Did you check out your stylists web  pages and look through styles? How about checking out hair styles on Pinterest? They have great ideas! Head Rush Salon and Bridal Rush are both on Pinterest. When you show your stylist what your taste is, it helps in creating the perfect look for you, even if you like a few different styles, your stylist can take what you love about each and create a unique look just for you!

5. Have you considered hair extensions? If you have fine hair or short hair and you know that you will probably need extensions, it's best you have them ready before you come to  your trial. Your stylist can recommend them to you and direct you as to how and where to purchase them.

6. Ask your stylist what you can to to get your hair looking and feeling its best before your day. Ask what treatments the salon offers, when you should get a cut and color, how soon before the wedding etc.  When your hair is healthy, it will look better when it's styled and you will feel better!

7. Make sure that you ask your photographer what time they intend on starting pictures! This is a very important piece of information. It allows your stylist to plan on how to schedule your bridal party and give you a start time for the day. Ya'll need to be ready before the photographer starts!

8. Make sure that you speak with your stylist about how they prefer everyone's hair to be prior to receiving their hair services! I prefer my brides to be washed and dried. CLEAN HAIR! But, I also recommend that those with fine or very soft hair skip the conditioner.

9. When you order your head piece, make sure that is available to bring to your trial with you. It helps not only you, but your stylist to see how it will best fit in to your hair style and that will also save time the day of your wedding.

10. Lastly, follow your the hair salon's web pages to stay up to date with the latest deals and promotions. Are you a bride that is paying for all of your bridesmaids hair? You are such a doll! Ask if your stylist can work up a package deal for you that you can pay in full before the wedding.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy Planning to all of you beautiful brides!

Bridal Rush xo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Up-Do Pinspiration

A stylist told me recently that not many women are getting up-do's anymore. I beg to differ. I think that stylists are finally starting to get really creative!

Don't be afraid to wear your hair up. A good stylist will know to take in to consideration: the shape of your face, enhancing your best features, what you will be wearing for the formal event and your personality.

It's time to step it up ladies and stop going out with boring straight hair or loose curls. Need inspiration?Check out a few of my favorite up-do finds on Pinterest for this season:

Happy Wedding Season!



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: My First Post

 The first time I did an up-do, I was probably 13. My best friend and I used to do hair treatments and wrap our heads with saran wrap to let it process. One day we got bored with our hair treatments and I decided to do an up-do on her, then I started doing them on my own hair and wearing them to school and so my story began.

As time went on my mother who owned a hair salon would have me tag along with her to bridal parties and help her with up-dos. I hated waking up early on the weekends, but even in high school it seemed I just had a knack for creating really good up-do's. It started with my friends sweet 16 and then proms...and now 12 years later I've made it my specialty.

I think it's really important to understand that formal hairstyling is different then coloring or cutting. No one can give you a formula or technique to follow. You have to be an artist without guidelines to follow. I can do coloring and cutting but I find there is always a basic format that I can work off of. It's different creating a style for a formal event. You have the pressure of knowing people are going to be looking at this hairstyle more closely, their will be photos taken that this person will look back on for the rest of their lives and more obviously...each person is different. I can duplicate a color and I can duplicate a cut, but I can never ever do the same up-do twice. Each is an individual work of art. Its truly amazing what you can do with hair. I think there are times when people shy away from getting their hair put up, but people appreciate a beautiful up-do. I tell people if you want people to notice you at a special event, then get your hair formally styled. If you want to blend in with the crowd then wear your hair down but at least get it styled so that it looks formal. I want to bring back the art in formal styling...you can wear a simple, plain black dress and only earrings and if you have your hair done and it looks amazing...then you are nothing short of fabulous when you go out. My husband always notices when a woman has a beautiful up-do. I laugh because he says, "Hey babe...did you do her hair?", lol Be fabulous ladies...choose Bridal Rush!

Jessica xo
Bridal Rush

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Buy Your Hair Products From a Drug Store

What is the first thing most people will notice about you?  YOUR HAIR!!!

Not your body. Not your shoes. Your Hair!  So why not make it look the best it can?!

Some people are not interested in spending a lot of money for professional products. Instead, you run to the nearest CVS and pick up shampoo, conditioner and maybe even a styling product, product with wax, alcohol or talc based. All these products leave your hair feeling dry, filmy and dull. So all the money that you just spent on your beautiful rich brown glaze or ombre is now looking lifeless and damaged. What a waste.

Now I know that it can be tricky when you walk into a CVS type store and see professional products for sale. This is what we call a diversion. ;) You don't know what's really in these products, who touched or tampered with them or even if the contents inside are what they really say is inside! Next time you see these products, don't buy them. Seriously....

Let us (or your local stylist), help you help your hair. We want it to look good. We can customize the perfect regime for your hair needs. Think of us as your hair doctor.

We have an amazing line of products available to purchase anytime. We even have amazing treatments that you can have done to your hair before it gets styled or colored. Beautiful, shiny, healthy hair can be yours whenever you're ready for it. Let your hair be your best accessory!



Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Smokey Eye

From my experience of working in a salon, I've noticed that there are two things a client requests upon getting settled at a station, a cup of coffee and a magazine. These are two things that are pertinent to a successful salon visit.

While enjoying your freshly brewed cup of joe, do you ever flip through your favorite gossip magazine and find yourself awwing over the fashion trends of Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities? If so, you're probably saying "I wish I could do my makeup like that". Why can't you? The most desired of makeup applications is the ever so famous smokey eye. I'm here to tell you it's as easy as 1,2,3.

Here are your three shadow ingredients to create a perfect smokey eye. All you need is a white or pale translucent shadow, a silver shadow, and a black shadow to complete this timeless look. I like to use MAC eyeshadows because of their lasting pigment. Begin by applying a light eye cream to your entire eye area to prep your skin and follow with priming your eye lid with your favorite eye primer. (Mine is Prime Time by Bare Essentials.) Priming will insure a long lasting makeup application. Continue by applying your white shadow to the corner or tear duct of your eye with a small rounded brush and follow along your brow bone to the length of your eyebrow. Next, generously apply your silver shadow to the entire lid this time using a full coverage shadow brush. The silver will act as your base color and blending aid. Finally, using a pointed or tapered shadow brush, apply your black shadow starting at the middle of the lash line and drag while slightly shimmying your brush to the top outer part of your lid. Then with whatever black shadow is left on your brush, use the tip and follow alongside the crease of your lid to the center a few times. This should create a "V" type look. Perfect your application by blending your white to your silver, your silver to your black and the black into your crease. IMPORTANT: Blending is key! Last finish by lining your top lid and the outward corner of your bottom lashes.

 Let's not forget the finishing touch of a fresh bold coat of mascara (preferably 2 coats). Voila! You just created a sexy new look to enhance your already beautiful eyes in a matter of minutes. Become your very own personal makeup artist with this tutorial and people will be asking how to get your look. Stay beautiful!