Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You can do anything on a GOOD hair day

Ever wake up in the morning and notice that your roots are starting to show? Wondering if other people can see your gray's?

The ends are starting to split and you just can't seem to do anything with your hair no matter how many products you put in it. This is the curse that faces all women at some point or another during the month. These are the days you do not want to leave the house. These are the days you always seem to run in to  every single person you know.  The problem with these days are they are counter productive.

 As a prestigious hair colorist on Long Island, I have come to realize that "you can do anything on a GOOD hair day." So why not go and get that hair colored and blown out? I have witnessed ladies walk a little taller when they step out of my chair. They are ready for their day. EMPOWERED. A little extra bounce in your step...and in your hair. When your hair looks its best, it almost doesn't matter what you are wearing. You can be wearing sunglasses and sweatpants and still feel like the sexiest woman in the room.

So go get your hair done, you will feel so much better inside and out.

Extra Bonus: The day after you go to the salon- make it last. Try a little Powder Buff by Kerastase and your good hair day will turn in to a good hair week!!

-Carly Giannini

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