Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Smokey Eye

From my experience of working in a salon, I've noticed that there are two things a client requests upon getting settled at a station, a cup of coffee and a magazine. These are two things that are pertinent to a successful salon visit.

While enjoying your freshly brewed cup of joe, do you ever flip through your favorite gossip magazine and find yourself awwing over the fashion trends of Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities? If so, you're probably saying "I wish I could do my makeup like that". Why can't you? The most desired of makeup applications is the ever so famous smokey eye. I'm here to tell you it's as easy as 1,2,3.

Here are your three shadow ingredients to create a perfect smokey eye. All you need is a white or pale translucent shadow, a silver shadow, and a black shadow to complete this timeless look. I like to use MAC eyeshadows because of their lasting pigment. Begin by applying a light eye cream to your entire eye area to prep your skin and follow with priming your eye lid with your favorite eye primer. (Mine is Prime Time by Bare Essentials.) Priming will insure a long lasting makeup application. Continue by applying your white shadow to the corner or tear duct of your eye with a small rounded brush and follow along your brow bone to the length of your eyebrow. Next, generously apply your silver shadow to the entire lid this time using a full coverage shadow brush. The silver will act as your base color and blending aid. Finally, using a pointed or tapered shadow brush, apply your black shadow starting at the middle of the lash line and drag while slightly shimmying your brush to the top outer part of your lid. Then with whatever black shadow is left on your brush, use the tip and follow alongside the crease of your lid to the center a few times. This should create a "V" type look. Perfect your application by blending your white to your silver, your silver to your black and the black into your crease. IMPORTANT: Blending is key! Last finish by lining your top lid and the outward corner of your bottom lashes.

 Let's not forget the finishing touch of a fresh bold coat of mascara (preferably 2 coats). Voila! You just created a sexy new look to enhance your already beautiful eyes in a matter of minutes. Become your very own personal makeup artist with this tutorial and people will be asking how to get your look. Stay beautiful!



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