Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: My First Post

 The first time I did an up-do, I was probably 13. My best friend and I used to do hair treatments and wrap our heads with saran wrap to let it process. One day we got bored with our hair treatments and I decided to do an up-do on her, then I started doing them on my own hair and wearing them to school and so my story began.

As time went on my mother who owned a hair salon would have me tag along with her to bridal parties and help her with up-dos. I hated waking up early on the weekends, but even in high school it seemed I just had a knack for creating really good up-do's. It started with my friends sweet 16 and then proms...and now 12 years later I've made it my specialty.

I think it's really important to understand that formal hairstyling is different then coloring or cutting. No one can give you a formula or technique to follow. You have to be an artist without guidelines to follow. I can do coloring and cutting but I find there is always a basic format that I can work off of. It's different creating a style for a formal event. You have the pressure of knowing people are going to be looking at this hairstyle more closely, their will be photos taken that this person will look back on for the rest of their lives and more obviously...each person is different. I can duplicate a color and I can duplicate a cut, but I can never ever do the same up-do twice. Each is an individual work of art. Its truly amazing what you can do with hair. I think there are times when people shy away from getting their hair put up, but people appreciate a beautiful up-do. I tell people if you want people to notice you at a special event, then get your hair formally styled. If you want to blend in with the crowd then wear your hair down but at least get it styled so that it looks formal. I want to bring back the art in formal can wear a simple, plain black dress and only earrings and if you have your hair done and it looks amazing...then you are nothing short of fabulous when you go out. My husband always notices when a woman has a beautiful up-do. I laugh because he says, "Hey babe...did you do her hair?", lol Be fabulous ladies...choose Bridal Rush!

Jessica xo
Bridal Rush

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