Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Buy Your Hair Products From a Drug Store

What is the first thing most people will notice about you?  YOUR HAIR!!!

Not your body. Not your shoes. Your Hair!  So why not make it look the best it can?!

Some people are not interested in spending a lot of money for professional products. Instead, you run to the nearest CVS and pick up shampoo, conditioner and maybe even a styling product, product with wax, alcohol or talc based. All these products leave your hair feeling dry, filmy and dull. So all the money that you just spent on your beautiful rich brown glaze or ombre is now looking lifeless and damaged. What a waste.

Now I know that it can be tricky when you walk into a CVS type store and see professional products for sale. This is what we call a diversion. ;) You don't know what's really in these products, who touched or tampered with them or even if the contents inside are what they really say is inside! Next time you see these products, don't buy them. Seriously....

Let us (or your local stylist), help you help your hair. We want it to look good. We can customize the perfect regime for your hair needs. Think of us as your hair doctor.

We have an amazing line of products available to purchase anytime. We even have amazing treatments that you can have done to your hair before it gets styled or colored. Beautiful, shiny, healthy hair can be yours whenever you're ready for it. Let your hair be your best accessory!



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