Monday, February 25, 2013

The Struggle To Keep Weight Off

How does one lose weight when there is constantly food around?  Over the holidays, people come together with friends and family with food as the focus. Cookies, cakes, chocolate are the staples to bring along. Over this holiday season, I gained 12 pounds. It has taken me six weeks to take off 13.5 pounds. Weight Watchers has played a major role for me in the past 6 weeks.

I am now aware of what I need to be eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choosing fruits and vegetables over the sugar snacks like cakes, ice cream, chocolate and potato chips are the way to go. Trust me when I say that I still eat those indulgent foods. I just have become more aware of how unhealthy these choices are on a day to day basis. (Once in a while it's a nice treat!)

Have you ever had a food addiction?  Struggle with weight? I have my whole life and now it is time to take control and get healthy because there is a long life ahead of me!

The first thing I did was join Weight Watchers. Second, write down everything that goes in to my mouth. This is the real reason why Weight Watchers has worked for me. I write down everything to be more aware of what is healthy for my body and what is not. Third, portion control. The amount of food that a serving should be is probably a third or more of what people eat in one meal. Eating healthy is easy when you are focused and you have a goal to work towards. My next goal is to hit 20 pounds down, than 25, and so on. I wake up 20 minutes early daily to prepare my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even my dinner so that I am prepared to face the day. I can control what I am eating and don't leave myself room for indulgence. Every healthy choice I make is the real success and the weight coming off will just be the bonus!!



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