Friday, January 25, 2013

Operation Inked Magazine

A mission we will accomplish. Just a matter of when......

Erica and Christine have an opportunity to POSSIBLY (fingers crossed) be featured in Inked Magazine.  If there's one thing to know about the two owners of Head Rush, it's that they have a love for tattoos (and both have a lot on their bodies).

It's stereotypical to think that one tatted up is not successful, that they could never be the owners of a gorgeous hair salon. Think again.

So, first step we have to provide Inked Magazine pictures for one of the creative editors. We called a great friend and photographer to get the job done, George Stoff.

I am beyond impressed with how well the pictures came out. George is an amazing photographer and I highly recommend him if you need a shoot done.  He takes his time to make sure the end result is perfecto. (See for yourself below.)

Next step we submit the below pictures, and now we just sit back and stay positive for that return phone call.

While we wait enjoy the pictures below by the amazing George Stoff.

Here is his info:

Have a great weekend!!


-Head Rush PR Girl

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