Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year. New You. New Extensions?!

Nothing can make a woman feel better than having good hair! You can have the worst outfit on, old shoes, no makeup, but if your hair looks good, you feel good! So why not change it up for the new year and start with some extensions. Head Rush now offers three types of extensions: clip in, beads, and the new tape in. 

Now I have had EVERY kind of extension, but one of my favorite as of right now are our tape-ins. I am slightly obsessed with them! If I could they would be everywhere. If you haven't seen mine, come in and see for yourself how amazing they are! I am basing my opinion not just what I think, but what clients have told me over the years.

You don't feel tape in extensions. You can not see them. (That's a good thing!) A lot of clients had trouble with clip in and the placement of them. They DO NOT matte and get knotty. BIG plus here. If you have had bead or fusion extension you know what I'm talking about. The hair is good for one year.
Awesome again. You get touch ups around every three months but you don't have to make that huge financial commitment as with fusion ones every time they get matted or one falls out. Tape in extensions only take a half hour to put in. If you have fine hair and are constantly wondering if someone can see your extension, tape ins are for you.

Now they are not good for everyone. Hence why we have the option of beads and clip in. The bead extensions are amazing. If you put your hair up a lot they might be a better option for you. (This won't work as well with tape-in.) Clip in extensions are good for someone who does not want to make a financial commitment at all. You pay one time for them and they last for years. You take them in and out as you want. You just will need some practice as they can be a little tricky.

So think about it. Add length, thickness and maybe even some color. The options are endless. No better time to make a change than now. Remember you could be in better hands. Head Rush is not only educated in Babe Extensions, the staff is part of the educators team on the east coast!




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