Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm 55 Years Old in the "20s Zone"

As the Head  Rush staff strolls in or should I say bops in, (I don't think you stroll at 20) not a pillow embedded on their fresh cheeks and puffy eyes from a restless night sleep. I never know whether I want to embrace them or shoot them.

I don't remember being in my twenties. I mean really remember. Was I emotional? Did I have aches and pains? Did I really wear my hair like Farrah Fawcett? Ugh. By the way for anyone in the 20 zone, she was one of the original Charlie's Angels.

So what do we have in common?

There is one wonderful thing that transcends through generations.....FOOD!! These men and women at Head Rush are not your finger lickin' KFC eating group. They love good food. And I love good food. Voila!! Common ground. Foodies, we can relate effortlessly through pasta, sauces, cakes, cookies, whatever makes us happy, even though my taste buds are thirty years older. (Do taste buds wrinkle?)

I love to bring in cake or cookies and hear "That's what I'm talking about.". Eat your heart out Emeril I have my Head Rush foodies! We offer these treats to our clients whenever possible. Is there anything better than having your hair washed and your scalp massaged while eating a cookie? In Europe happy hour connotes an espresso and a piece of cake Maybe they know something we don't. Or is it that I'm 55 in a 20 zone again. Either way, I'll take the cookie!

They say that youth is wasted on the young. I say it's youth that keeps us feeling young. Would I ever go back to being twenty? For me, not on your life. I appreciate the enthusiasm, energy, drive to get where I already am. 55 in a 20 zone.

This past week we had a seminar from 6:30-8:30pm with dinner to follow. My first thought was "I have to wake up early for work on Tuesday.". My second thought was "The debate is on.". I'm sure that neither of those issues went through anyone else's mind. 55 in a 20 zone. So did I go? I don't sleep anyway, and between Obama and Romney the only clear winner is me.

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