Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Fall Hair Trends

This Fall is all about modern bangs and shiny sleek ponytails. For hair accessories, the jeweled hair band and barrettes will be hot this season. (As seen at the Dolce and Gabbana show from New York Fashion Week.) Hair accessories are certainly having their moment in the spotlight.


To get bangs or not to get bangs? Isn't that always the big hairstyle question? Bangs (also known as the fringe) are the ultimate hair accessory this season. Bangs can add an instant cool factor to your look, dramatize your eyes and even make you look younger.  Bangs vary from a long angular, side swept fringe (best for a round face shape) to a hairline full blunt fringe (best for a square face shape). Find the right fringe or you and remember cutting bangs yourself is NEVER a good idea so leave it to your stylist.

When styling, start drying bangs first using the nozzle attachment on your blow dryer. To get the perfect style direct the airflow straight down to the root. Use a vent brush and brush the bangs side to side to keep them sleek.


As Seen at Jason Wu New York Fashion Week Runway Show Fall 2012. Ponytails have always been the quick and easy hairstyle for anyone with medium to long hair. In the past, if you didn't want to shampoo your hair or if you didn't want to curl your hair or if you got up late and didn't have time to do your hair, you would just throw it up in a ponytail and it was controlled for the day. Now the ponytail is a trendy style itself, whether high or low. (Just not the gym wearing ponytail!)

Ponytails are classic and stylishly fashionable. The vibrant look and bounce brings liveliness to your hairdo keeping the hair safe from wear and tear. You can team it up with bangs and hair bands to make it look more attractive and appealing. Curls and waves also dress up the style factor. Ponytails are worn to school, to the office, to the prom, to parties and are even seen on the Red Carpet.

When styling, prep your hair with light serum to add shine. Pull the hair back using a flat brush to get hair smooth. Than secure with a band. Take a half inch wide piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the band, secure with a bobby pin (this will cover the band). Use a lightweight hairspray and spray lightly, this will smooth down the surface and prevent those bumps, spray hairspray onto a small bristle brush and run it over the surface of your ponytail (to get rid of flyaways).

So your closet isn't the only thing in need of an update this Fall. As the nights get cooler and the days shorten, our sense of style will change to and so should will your hairstyles.


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