Friday, December 14, 2012

Hair Accessory Gift Ideas

  ...For the hair lover in your life. Or maybe it's you. ;)  I always find my self buying one gift for myself for every gift I buy someone. Doesn't everyone do that?

1. Head Rush Gift Basket

Find these at the salon from small baskets to large baskets. We can even customize the basket to your favorite hair products and include some of fun things like nail polish, a gift card to the salon and hair brushes.

2. Emi-Jay Hair Ties (Available at Nordstrom)

These are amazing and a great stocking stuffer idea. Not only are they colorful and fun to wear, they are made out of a soft material that prevents the dents you would normally get with an elastic ponytail holder. Bonus points: they don't snap when you tie up your hair!

3. Kerastase Gift Set

Another great basket available at Head Rush. Actually it's a box set. We have two choices to pick from, the Chroma Captive Set and the Christalliste set. The Christalliste line works great for women with long hair and the Chroma Captive line is great to protect your color. See any stylist if you have any questions on our products.

4. Head Bands

So many choices on where to get these (and some really cute ones this year). I love that anyone can rock a headband, short hair to long hair and it's great on days you want you hair out of your face. The above are from Anthropologie.

5. Jane Tran Multi Plaid Pony Box (Avalable at Dan's in Great Neck or Bergdorf Goodman)

These are like next level pony tail holders. Who knew they could be this cool?! Not only does Jane Tran have awesome ponytail holders, ALL of her hair accessories are adorable so I suggest checking out the entire website for yourself here.

Happy Hair = Happy Holidays!!


Head Rush PR Girl

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