Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Winter Makeup Trends

Sick of wearing the same makeup day in and day out? Here are some of this winter's hottest trends!  Give them a shot, why not!

Everyone feels a little pale this time of year (I know I certainly do), but it's okay to do without tons of blush and bronzer! Having pale or more natural looking skin was one of this  years hottest trends on the runways. Instead of putting bronzer all over use it as a tool for contouring, along your hairline and right beneath the cheek bones. This will keep that natural look but still define your facial features. And my  new favorite makeup secret is a product called FreshFace Glow by Fresh. (It is amazing.) I use it after my moisturizer and primer, it gives your skin a beautiful glow you don;t need anything else!

Another fun trend you might like to try is the multi-colored smokey eye. Instead of using dark colors like grey, black and navy blue try the smokey eye with brighter jewel toned colors. Of course the color of your eye is something you factor in when choosing your shadow colors but if your eyes and face can handle it, try this with a purple and gold or a brighter blue and pale orange. 

Liner is so important now as it always was.  Except this time if you want to make it stand out a bit more, go for it, because the cat eye is what's hot now! So when you're putting on your liner in the morning why not make it a little thicker towards the outer corner of your eye and kick it up! It'll make your eyes stand out and give them a little extra pop! This can not always be the easiest to do so I recommend using an eyeliner brush and gel or creme liner, Mac and Bobbi Brown both make great ones!

So we all know everyone is obsessed with vampires these days and now the new trend is to have vampire lips! Dark reds, burgundy, win
e and deep purple lips are all the craze right now! This can be a little scary for some people who never wear dark lip colors but if you want to try it find a color you like and if it feels too dark put a lighter shade of lipstick or gloss over it.  It will still give you that darkness but won't be too dramatic. Also, don't forget to line your lips! This is so important to giving them a finished look and nice shape, it also helps the lipstick stay longer.

And finally one more of this winter's hot trends and my personal favorite, bold eyebrows.  This year on the runway many designers featured models with extravagant eyebrows and by that I mean rhinestones, jewels and gold and silver flakes all over their eyebrows! As this might be a little too much for everyday wear you might want to try just filling in your eyebrows. For me personally, I have not been grooming them as much as I normally would, I am letting them grow and just cleaning them up with the tweezers.  For filling in eyebrows I always use a slanted brush and an eyeshadow or brow shadow that is a tad lighter than my real eyebrow color. Using a brush and shadow is much easier and more natural looking than using a pencil.  By doing this you are able to give your eyebrows that perfect shape that maybe you don't naturally have and I'm telling you bolder eyebrows gives you a such a nice look and makes all your features stand out even more.

Try one or try them all, but whatever you do don't be afraid to do something different with your look! And remember it's makeup so if you don't like what you did, take it off and try it again!


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