Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hair Box Dye Gone Bad

All artists start with a black canvas. As a colorist, my canvas is never blank. This poses a challenge, which is expected and welcomed.

One of my most difficult tests is when someone tries to save money and time by using a box color at home. Can you ever imagine?

I had someone about a week ago who wanted to try something different. Other than the brunette color she was having done at the salon, she wanted red. She went to a local pharmacy, bought a red-brown box color, and applied to her hair everywhere. The problem, the color on the ends did not change despite the red color on her roots. Now her half hour appointment has become a five and a half hour color correction. $250 later, she was walking out with an intense, luxurious, rich red color.

Quick Fact: There is no need to follow the directions on the box color to get the results we all see in advertisements or on the box itself.

This is your classic case of "box dye gone bad". Save your time, money and piece of mind. See a licensed professional for the results you love to expect.



  1. hahaha,This couldn't be more correct! Leave it to the professionals ladies! =)

    1. If only everyone had the same thought process of you Oginga! ;)

  2. ok, so i have been dying my hair black number 1, thought id try a change... my roots were about an inch in new growth so i decided i wanted to go auburn... LOL, ha! well, my roots are as copper as a penney and the rest is still black! My Natural color is Dark Brown, like a level 2 or 3. what should i do?!

    1. Hi Molly!!

      A Salon visit is your best bet. We would have to try to remove the black color and see how light we can get it. It might take a few hours but it's worth trying if you need a change. After we color remove it, we can see how light you get and decide what color would be best for you. If you do not lighten to the desired color then i would suggest coming back in the salon in a week or two to try it again. When color is put on the hair over and over and over, it can cause a build up; which means that it might not be a simple one process.

      516-280-5797 call to come in if you would like me to take a look at your hair and get you to the desired color!